FEVRE DREAM by George RR Martin

Fevre DreamFevre Dream by George R.R. Martin
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

No spoilers in this review.

This is Martin’s effort at telling a vampire tale. The main character, Abner Marsh, is a steam boat captain in 1857, aging, fat, and down on his luck. He is approached by a mysterious stranger who will only meet with him at night, and makes him an offer to good to refuse. No surprises about the stranger, although Abner Marsh isn’t so quick to catch on since he hasn’t been inundated for at least twenty years with books, movies, and TV shows about vampires.

Martin loves to provide details, especially when it comes to food. The book sags under the weight of drawn out lists of food and myriad details regarding steam boats. I am always impressed by his research and he did a great job of capturing the era, but for me, it was overkill and caused my attention to wander.

I liked Martin’s take on vampire lore in that he gave them a history and even a biological background. Still, their behavior overall was predictable and this novel had few surprises for me.

Having said that, by the end of the book, I was hooked by the story and the characters. However, the three star rating is due to the extremely drawn out beginning, in fact, the entire first half of the book dragged to the point that I doubted I could finish it. The two main characters are engaging yet never as complex as Martin’s SONG characters. I suppose everything Martin writes must suffer in comparison.

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