“The Walking Dead” on AMC: Boredom is a bigger threat than Zombies

Caution: Here there be spoilers, both in this blog and following the link.

One thing that makes it hard for me to blog regularly is the fact that there are already so many well-written blogs out there. Today I read a Salon.com blog about TWD that said what I’d been thinking about this show. You can read it here: http://www.salon.com/a/sgtibAA/

I like to write dialogue so I sympathize with the writers of TWD to some extent. It must be heavenly to write pages and pages of angst-filled speeches with zero restraint. But omg, no one really talks like that. The characters deliver speeches to one another, scene after scene, with intermittent gore-splattered moments that are supposed to reawaken the viewers with some success.

SPOILER: The moment that one character sent another to purchase a pregnancy kit, my heart sank. I detest pregnancy as plot device particularly when nothing original will be done with it. In this case, it especially disheartening since the parents involved have already had lengthy discussions about the future and its impact on children.

I don’t think most of us watch Zombie stories because we want to watch moral discussions. We want to see the consequences of those decisions and to some extent, seeing the characters wrestle with ethical and moral dilemmas is part of the suspense and drama. But listening to them talk, talk, talk endlessly about it makes for terrible pacing.

I remember when LOST became extremely dull to watch, particularly the first part of season 3. The producers retooled it for the second half and the momentum changed entirely. Here’s to hoping that TWD does the same.


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